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Those of you who are familiar with EssayTyper will be surprised: why are we reviewing something that’s not an actual writing service? We received multiple requests for a review. Students confuse this website with a writing agency, so we wanted to clarify the difference.

We used the site to get a paper, and we’ll share our impressions in this review. Hint: it’s not good for students who need unique papers.  

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF ESSAYTYPER.COM doesn’t make it clear: is it a writing service or something else?

The site gives you a confusing statement that it’s using a patented combination of Wikipedia and magic to help you write a paper ASAP. Them they claim that you shouldn’t use this program legitimately. It’s plagiarism, and that’s the only clear statement that they make.

At first, we thought we would get an effective paraphrasing program. That would’ve been useful for students who seek inspiration, or for those who are okay with paraphrasing but don’t want to pay for it. Then we read a few reviews that said this program was ridiculous. After checking what it was, we had to agree.


There’s only one type of service you can get here: a plagiarized essay. At the homepage, you’ll see a statement: “I have to finish my ______ essay immediately.” You should type the topic of your paper in the designated spot, and then click the pencil. Then, you start typing. You don’t have to think about the words you write, since you’re not the one writing them. Type anything, and the essay will appear on the screen.

It’s sheer plagiarism, and makes that clear. This is not a tool you can use when you want to complete a paper. It might be useful if you’re feeling stuck, but keep in mind that you can read the same thing on Wikipedia. This is nothing more than a tool that someone created out of boredom. We can’t claim it for sure, but it looks like its creator is mocking students who are trying to find a solution for challenging academic writing projects.


Finally, there’s one good thing we can say about Essay Typer: it’s a free tool. Its creator may be mocking students, but at least they don’t charge money for it. Some services that look “legit” also mock students, but they do it with low quality and nonexistent support. They charge high prices for something that doesn’t work.

Here, you’re getting a free tool that may be fun to try. But if you expect to get a real essay for free, you’ll be disappointed.


Due to the nature of the tool, we couldn’t order a unique paper to write this review. It’s not the type of service we usually evaluate. However, we did use the program to see what quality it delivered. We chose a simple topic: Iran-Iraq war. The tool specified a topic for us: “The fluidity of Iran-Iraq War. Gender Norms & Racial Bias in the Study of the Modern Iran-Iraq War.” That makes no sense whatsoever.

But as you start pressing random keys on the keyboard, the text that shows up makes sense. That’s because it’s the same things that Wikipedia gives you on the main topic. This is not even a paraphrasing tool. It just gives you Wikipedia text through a game that feels like you’re the one typing it.

To answer the question: no; we didn’t get a good paper here. Wikipedia is a pretty easy source to find when you use Google to search for resources. It’s usually the first website that appears. This tool is a complete waste of time. It’s just a joke that no one should take seriously.


You can’t expect any type of support system if you use this tool. Be ready to receive 100% plagiarized content. The text on the homepage is clear about that. If you click on “what is this?” you get an explanation about the tool. If you have any questions, the creator allows you to contact them. There’s also a Twitter profile linked, but the content there has nothing to do with essay writing.


We read several reviews trying to say at least something good about the tool. Some reviews say it’s good if you need some inspiration. We’ll have to disagree. You can simply access Wikipedia and get the same (original!) source of inspiration. Wikipedia also gives you plenty of references that can help you start the research process.

EssayTyper is simple software that copies content from the Internet and types it on a blank page. It may be fun to check out if you have nothing better to do. If you’re a student who’s trying to write a paper, we’d say that it’s a useless website for you.

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I thought this was a writing service. I tried to browse the website but I couldn’t understand what it was. Then it started typing some random content that made sense, but wasn’t what I was looking for.

4 years ago

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