COLLEGE-PAPER.OGR generous discounts
great price/quality ratio
the abundance of free perks
BESTESSAYTIPS.COM the cheapest page rate
only original and edited papers
nice discount system
PROESSAYWRITING.COM fast turnaround, good overall experience
the reasonable pricing system
many positive reviews



At the end of this review, we can say with fair certainty that this is not a trustworthy writing service, that has a lot to offer. In fact, the first impression can be a little deceiving. Make sure to do your research before you order papers from this website.

Why is that?

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION of is a writing company that on first glance has a lot to offer and plenty of information to share. Transparency is key when it comes to such services, however, when you dive deeper into research, a lot of the content and information on the website is repetitive and meaningless. In order to find relevant and concrete information, we dove in even deeper.


On the very bottom of their home page, there’s a small list of services that they offer. We expected this list to be more prominent, as this is what students need to know right off the bat. However, it’s all the way at the bottom of the page, not highlighted in any way, in fact, it seems sort of hidden. This was the first thing that raised an alarm when it comes to

List of Services Offered

Here’s the complete list of services that we could find on their website:

  • Essays – different topics and fields
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Book reviews
  • Research paper
  • Different types of creative writing
  • Thesis or dissertation
  • Personal statement
  • Term paper
  • Lab reports
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Resume writing along with other business services

The way some of these services have been listed or grouped together without sense made us wary of using this service. If they make errors while writing content for their website, what could we expect when it comes to academic papers?

 Prices and Discounts

In this Pro-essay-writer review, you’ll see that the prices aren’t exactly for everyone’s pocket. While they claim to cater to students, even those who are not native speakers of the English language, their prices are a bit higher compared to companies who are in the same line of work. The pricing is based on the number of pages, deadline and the academic level, and if you visit the pricing tab you can see a price chart that gives you an estimate of how much you would have to pay. Along with a price quote generator you can get a rough estimate. The chart can be a little confusing, as the price also fluctuates depending on whether you’re looking at creative writing, editing and proofreading or presentation and slides. The entire system is a bit confusing. However, when it comes to discounts, it was very disappointing not to be able to locate any. For students who need emergency help and would like to achieve a discount on the expensive price, this will be a disappointment. Also, for all those who want to be loyal customers, this is also a huge disappointment.


To complete our review, we hired one of their writers to do a book review for us. The ordering process got a bit more lengthy, with a lot of unnecessary information to give, that wasn’t exactly making the process easy or fast. This completely takes away from the entire experience. We weren’t able to chat with our Pro essay writer, so we had to settle for what we could. We gave them as much information as possible and waited for our book review. Overall, it was a bit of underwhelming. The quality is average, with no obvious mistakes, but it was not an impressive piece of writing to say the least.


While Pro essay writer reviews online show different experiences with their customer support, from a professional point of view we have to say that this was also a disappointing experience. The response time was slow, and we never could get in touch with the same representative, making the entire point of customer support almost irrelevant.

The first instance when we tried to get in touch was before placing the order. We expected an immediate response as an interested party. But, we were left waiting for an answer for over 30 minutes, after which we simply gave up. The second instance was when we tried to find a way to talk to the writer that was working on our book review. We were told this was impossible, but we did get an impression beforehand that it would be a possibility. Overall, there seemed to be some misleading information in the beginning, or the customer representatives just didn’t know what they were doing.

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Extremely frustrated

Ordered a 3 page essay to be completed by 3pm 7/1/17. Did not receive order so I talked to a representative who contacted the writer who asked for the deadline to be extended to 10pm. I said alright. 10pm comes around, still haven’t received the essay so at this point I’m upset. I call them again, the representative begs me to wait another hour. By now it’s 11:30 and I have to turn this paper in by midnight. I call and they say the writer is unresponsive? They tell me that they would have me switched over to a different writer who would need 9 hours to write the essay… I end up with no paper to turn in by due date and taking a refund.

5 years ago
Rafaela C


Got an F and they have a 72 hours refund after the completed work is handed so is impossible to get refund since you never going to get the essay back in time

5 years ago

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