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Verdict for Writemyessay.help Review

Avoid this writing company by all means. 

Even though Writemyessay.help has a wide range of services and seems trustworthy and transparent, it scams people. 

Our paper came five days late. Moreover, it was plagiarized. Customer services ignored our request for a revision and never apologized for the inconvenience. 

Read more in our Writemyessay.help review.

Our First Impression with Writemyessay.help

The first thought that came to mind when visiting the website was that it was a bit in-your-face and overcrowded with information. There are so many things distracting you that it’s hard to spot the order button right away. 

In general, the website’s interface looks more or less user-friendly. You can even visit a page introducing you to the writers, which many other services don’t have. 

Apart from that, if you’re interested in checking out assignment samples before ordering, some papers are available, but the list is not very abundant. 

So, despite some minor drawbacks, we were under a good impression and wanted to give a good Writemyessay.help review. That is before we ordered the paper. 

Writemyessay.help Services Review

Judging from the Writemyessay.help reviews, which you can find on the website, most customers are pleased with their services. Here are the assignments they can complete for you:

  • All types of essays
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations
  • Term papers
  • Homework tasks
  • Thesis writing

You can also order editing and proofreading separately. 

Writemyessay.help Promo Code and Discount

You can tell that Writemyessay.help tried hard to make their pricing policy transparent. There is a separate page with prices and the factors impacting the final cost of your paper. 

All prices depend on the assignment’s urgency, the number of pages, and academic level. A page is 300 words, while the standard used by other services is 275 words. It’s a pretty good deal. 

Right now, all clients can also use a 50% discount for orders of any level. Thus, if you have a 1-page essay due in 12 hours, you will pay $36 instead of $72. 

Nevertheless, such generous discounts are often a sign that the writing service is not doing well, and you will see other indications of that in our Writemyessay.help review. 

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Honestly, this was one of the worst experiences ordering a paper online. We know what we’re talking about since we’ve been reviewing writing services for a while. 

Although our first thought was to order an extensive research paper to check how skilled the writers are, we decided to go with a simple three-page essay on the “Key Factors in Jury Selection” for a high school level. 

Most Writemyessay.help reviews on the website praised customer service, so we started by contacting the support through live chat. The reply came pretty fast, and we were advised to fill in the order form. 

Here’s where the first unpleasant surprise came. Evidently, you have to provide all your contact information before filling in the order form. What’s the reason for that? We received no proper explanation. 

Right after we added contact details, we finally got to the ordering part, and that’s where we found out that the assignment type and the subject area of our essay also impacted the price. So, instead of $45, we had to pay $70, and that’s with a 50% discount. By the way, $30 per page is pretty expensive. 

When communicating with customer service, we also requested one of the authors listed on the service’s Writers page. To our disappointment, the customer service representative told us none of those writers were available. All these problems made us suspect that something fishy was going on. 

Once we ordered our paper, we had to wait eight days till the deadline. But on the eighth day, we still heard neither from the customer support nor from our writer. Two days later, we still didn’t have our paper. 

The paper finally arrived with a five-day delay. When we asked customer support about the reasons, they told us our task was hard to research. It was unreasonable given that all the information about the jury selection process is open to the public. 

The final straw which made us write a bad Writemyessay.help review was plagiarism – the paper was 15% plagiarised. 

To be honest, it was a set-up on our part: we wanted to see how the writer would cope with a very popular topic and still manage to write a unique paper. Unfortunately, they didn’t deliver. 

Support System

Writemyessay.help is available through email, phone, and live chat on the service’s homepage. You can also contact the support through social media. 

As we mentioned, the overwhelming majority of Writemyessay.help reviews praised its customer services. From our experience, we can say that they indeed reply very fast. However, don’t expect personalized treatment. 

Conclusion of Writemyessay.help

To be honest with you, Writemyessay.help seemed like a very trustworthy writing service at first. It has a well-optimized fast website, where all the information is available. The pricing policy looks transparent, although not all factors impacting price formation are present. 

We were also pleased with customer service. It’s responsive and fast. Nevertheless, no one tried to understand our situation, follow through with our requests or explain why we couldn’t get the writer we wanted. 

We wrote a negative Writemyessay.help review because the paper was late and full of plagiarism. Once again, we never got any apologies for that. Our request for a revision was ignored. 

So, do we recommend Writemyessay.help?

Absolutely not. 

This service is irresponsible, doesn’t put the customer first, is too expensive, and, above all, doesn’t deliver 100% original, plagiarism-free papers. Please don’t waste your time and money on it. 

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Would not recommend

ritemyessay.help has the most disrespectful customer service ever. I ordered a proofread of a 5-page essay. The deadline was five days away. Customer service said they didn’t offer such services, even though it clearly says so on the website, but even called me delusional. No one offended me that much in my entire life.

3 years ago

No respect for deadlines

I had a 15-page research paper on astrophysics, so I decided to order it ten days before the deadline. The topic was easy to research, so I didn’t suspect there would be any trouble. After ten days, there was still no reply. I contacted the Writemyessay.help customer service, and they said they couldn’t find the writer for my paper and that they were still looking! They also told me I couldn’t get my money back, so I ended up waiting ten days more. Thankfully, my professor was understanding and didn’t give me an F.

3 years ago

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