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Verdict for Paperfellow Review

PaperFellows is a classic writing service, meaning you place an order and they choose the writer for you. However, there’s a big problem: the quality the writers deliver is low. They usually rewrite text from online resources, and that’s evident from the samples featured at the website. If you submit such an essay to a professor, you can’t expect a good result.

Why is that? Read more…

Our First Impression of PaperFellows

The Paperfellows’ website is nice. You can tell the team invested effort into making the site functional and informative. We really appreciated seeing samples, although they are not very good. In addition, there are Paperfellows reviews featured at the website, as well as information about the writers from the team.

The first impression was very positive. When compared to most other services, PaperFellows seems more transparent and easier to use. But when you dig below the surface, you realize that the transparency is not as great as you hoped for. There’s just a writer’s ID featured in the list of writers, and not much information about their education and experience.

PaperFellows Services Review

The list of services is not very detailed. The Paperfellows Services page just lists the categories, and there are several of them:

  • Academic paper writing

  • Rewriting

  • Maths, physics, economics and statistics problems

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Admission services

  • Dissertation services

  • Resume/CV writing

  • Proof reading (yes; it’s wrongly spelled at their website – how ironic is that?)

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

The academic paper writing category features essays, term papers, book reports/reviews, case studies, lab reports, and more. You can’t get many types of assignments, though. If you need a programming assignment, you won’t find that service at this website.

There are two problems in the list of services. First of all, proofreading is spelled as proof reading at their website. When you can’t spell the word correctly, how are you offering services for improving grammar and spelling?

Another issue, which is even more concerning, is the rewriting part. These writers are practically copying information off the web, and they sell it to you as unique content. That’s not okay. If you wanted rewritten content, it would be easy for you to find few online resources and paraphrase them. You’d have an essay ready in less than an hour. But that’s not something that would get you a good grade.

When using online writing services, students exclusively expect 100% original content, written from scratch. Unfortunately, that’s not what delivers.

PaperFellows Prices and Discounts

The prices per page start at only $12.99. That’s the quote for high-school quality with a deadline of 14 days. If you want Doctoral level and you choose six hours as your deadline, you’ll pay $47.99 per page. That looks like an affordable price, but it’s really expensive when you realize that this team does not deliver 100% unique content.

The discount for first-time users is very attractive – we got 20% off when ordering the paper for Paperfellows review. They also give you loyalty discounts, ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on your activity as a user.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

The rewriting part in the list of services was obvious right from the start. When we checked the samples at the website, it didn’t take us a lot of research before identifying the sources they used as “inspiration.”

But we still wanted to give PaperFellows a chance. So we ordered an essay for this Paperfellows review, and we specifically asked for the academic paper writing service. That means you should expect a paper written from scratch.

We didn’t get a unique paper. We ordered an essay on Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, and we immediately realized the content was completely paraphrased from Goodreads reviews. It’s not what we ordered and it’s not what we paid for.

We tried to get revisions, but the agents told us that the content couldn’t be identified by plagiarism search engines, and they sent us a report that it was “unique.” It was not unique, but there was nothing we could do about it.

The problem with this is that a professor will recognize the paraphrasing in the content. These writers don’t make much effort to add some personality to it. They just rewrite sentences from the most obvious online sources. They don’t pay attention to the instructions, so a professor will also notice the irrelevance of the content provided from this service.

Paperfellows Review: Support System

There’s a live chat at the website, which is cool. You have to provide your email and email to access the live chat, which is not cool. As soon as you do that, be ready to get some spamming in your inbox as we got after this Paperfellow review.

If you don’t want that but you still need to contact the support, there’s a toll-free number available at the site.

They say the customer support center works 24/7, but that’s really not the case. We had to wait for an entire day before getting our answers. Plus, the customer support was not effective when we asked for revisions.

Conclusion of Paperfellows Reviews

The prices at PaperFellows seem okay until you realize that you’re not getting unique content for your investment. Even if you order original content, you can’t be sure you’ll get it. In our case, we placed an order for an original essay and got paraphrased text that didn’t even look like an essay. The samples at the website are pretty bad, so that should be a warning sign.

Overall, PaperFellows is not a service we’d recommend to students who are after great quality for an affordable price.

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Monica H


If I could rate this place a zero I would. I had to send my paper back 5 TIMES. Not one, not two, not three but FIVE TIMES to be revised. A SIMPLE 3 page paper. I paid for VIP AND TOP 10 writer over $200. These are some foreigners that are stealing college students money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Not to forget, on top of it ALL … My paper is now Past Due for turning it in to my teacher.

5 years ago

Website is a joke

I submitted paperwork with my request and the way the writer wrote my paper made it unacceptable for my professor . They claim to write papers to base it on customer satisfaction but no I’m I was not satisfied as a customer because my professor did not except the assignment only because the answers were not answered properly this website is a joke there are many other websites out there which are better please do not waste your time or money
thank you.

5 years ago

Paper fellows is absolute trash

Paper fellows is the WORST. I gave them 5 day deadline on a class assignment. On the morning of the FIFTH day they emailed me and said it had not been assigned to a writer and they needed more time. I said they could have 2.5 more days, even though that would make the paper late.

36 hours later, I checked in with them and the paper STILL had not been started. I had to ask for a refund literally 9 times and the customer service agent argued with me endlessly.

They even assured me that the paper that is already past deadline, would be delivered on time.

I am now waiting for the refund that the FINALLY agreed to.

5 years ago

SCAM and not worth the money

This service is horrible. I do think it is unreasonable price as I paid $33 dollars for two pages with a premium writer. Also my experience was not the best considering that I had to have my paper redone because the first writers work was horrific and done sloppily. But I got the second page done free which was nice. They do offer refunds but they will pursued you to have your work redone free of charge. This was a BIG mistake because even though the paper got redone it was still done poorly. I’m giving this service a one star because I got an 80 on the essay that I paid $33 on :/.

5 years ago


I’ve asked for a manager to contact me for 3 days. Ive yet to receive a phone call. There were grammar and spelling errors in the paper. Their customer service fails to acknowledge their errors. Do not use, they are horrible.

5 years ago


AVOID. All positive feedback posted on website are 99% fraud. Paperfellows is a scam and does not provide quality work. The 1-800 number does not work as it just there for show. I paid well close to 200 dollars for a quality paper as writer was given an adequate amount of information to go by as well as examples. AVOID. I’m sure they operate under other names as well. You’ll be better off physically paying some random stranger. Maybe they’ll be a actually english major.

4 years ago

PaperFellows is the Devil

Trust my frustration and AVOID them.

PAPERFellows are the devils. The greedily take your money but dont even take the time to review the requests or attachments provided. Customer Care is horrible as they beat around the bush so as to avoid compensating you or addressing the incompetence.

Silly me I cant believed I duped more than once. Trust my frustration and AVOID them.

4 years ago

Review Review.

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