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Verdict for MyEssayGeeks Review

Everything we learned for this MyEssayGeeks review points out that this is not what we’d rank as a trustworthy service. The company looks attractive, especially with the low rates it charges to students. Still, we had a negative experience overall since they failed to provide the most important things – quality and originality in our order. Read our review to find out more.

Our First Impression of

At first sight, the website of Myessaygeeks looks professional and simple to use. There are pages for everything – pricing page, an About us page, and even a blog with some samples of their writing. However, after looking at their About us page to learn more about the company, we uncovered no details about them whatsoever. Except for some vague promises and statements like “excellent academic assistance services”, you won’t find any specifics about who these people are and how they guarantee the quality.

After scouring the website a bit to write our review, we found that it is filled with errors. This is a bad sign – a website that has error-filled content across almost every page cannot be trusted to write original, quality academic papers, can it?

Regardless, we decided to proceed with our research of the company.

MyEssayGeeks Promo Code and Discount

Nowhere on the website did we come across some kind of a discount – not even a mention of a promo code or a loyalty program. This is disappointing, to say the least, especially considering the almost every academic writing service these days has some kind of discount for customers.

Since doesn’t charge high rates, we decided to avoid this disadvantage and continue our search. After all, some of the top-rated companies don’t offer such low rates even when you add the discounts to the quote.

You can find really cheap rates on this website. Their paper rates are as follows:

  • High school papers from $13.99 per page
  • Undergraduate papers from $17.99 per page

However, we find the rates for higher academic levels to be much steeper. The difference is enormous, and these rates are much higher than you’ll find on most websites. Here is what they look like:

  • Master’s papers from $27.99 per page
  • Doctorate papers from $36.99 per page

This might be due to the fact that the longest available deadline for ordering assignments here is 4 weeks. Many companies offer longer deadline of around 2 months for PhD papers such as dissertations, and have lower rates for that as a result.

Without the discounts, students who study at university aren’t looking at great prices here, while lower-level students can definitely get a cheap paper from

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Here comes our big disappointment in this review. No, we did not receive good content from this website. We ordered a research paper for undergraduate level and were very satisfied with the quote we paid. After we paid for our order, we received a confirmation email telling us that the paper is in progress.

After that – nothing. We tried to talk to the support on several occasions but we didn’t get any definitive response as to how our paper was progressing. We should note in this MyEssayGeeks review that the company does not give the option to speak to the writer, nor do they tell you how your paper’s doing.

Even so, they delivered in on schedule, which was a nice surprise. The very bad thing was that the quality was devastating, and what disappointed us the most was that it was almost entirely plagiarized!

As always, we used a plagiarism scanner to check for originality in the content. This research paper ended up being 65% plagiarized from a single source online, which we could easily find. The author of the assignment didn’t bother to change much in the content – they just copied it word for word, and even copied the bibliography despite not using all the same content and sources.

Their attempts to make the paper more unique resulted badly because the writer was evidently not a good English speaker. We’ve read a lot about such instances in MyEssayGeeks reviews online from students sharing their stories about poorly written content from non-native English speakers.

Overall, the paper was a mess. After receiving such a paper, we decided to speak to the support and see if they’ll do anything to resolve this. At this point, the paper could not be fixed with a revision since it would have to be written from scratch, so naturally, we asked for a refund.

Support System

There are five contact options listed on the website, but not all of them work. Apparently, you can reach out to the company via LinkedIn and Twitter, but we tried them and they don’t check their messages there. There’s also a phone number listed on the site, one where no one answers.

We only got an answer once after calling endless times to resolve the matters for our review, and as soon as we told the person on the phone what’s the matter, they hung up on us!

The agent on the live chat said that they’ll review our refund request as per the guarantee and let us know. We never got our response. We even wrote several e-mails, and nothing.

Conclusion of

There are some perks of buying from MyEssayGeeks, but these are not enough to believe that this is a quality company. Except for their low rates, the company doesn’t offer any other benefit to those who buy from it. They have no discounts or loyalty program, most of the reviews are extremely negative, and for a good reason – the quality is devastating. After trying to get our problem resolved with the support, we confirmed that they don’t have real guarantees in place, which leads us to the conclusion – this is not a good service.

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Hope Wesley

low quality

I am very disappointed by the quality I got from this service. I bought an essay and it was really badly written. I couldn’t get them to fix it or refund me, and there was no chance that I could fix it – it was that bad!

2 years ago

first and last time using My Essay Geeks!!

This was my first and last time using My Essay Geeks! They delayed the paper by two hours and it wasn’t even good. I paid a fortune for it and nothing!

2 years ago

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