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VERDICT is not your classic academic writing service. There is no writing team on board. The company only hires editors, who offer editing and proofreading assistance for papers. It’s an okay choice for students who wrote their papers and want slight improvements.

Why an okay and not a great choice? Our experience wasn’t great. We ordered editing, but we got simple proofreading for our paper. There’s a big difference between those services, which this team doesn’t seem to understand.


The first impression was positive for us. We liked the way the website looked. It’s nice to see a service focused on editing. It was hard to find the price quotes, but Kibin shows them to you if you request a quote based on the number of words in your content.

Then we placed the order, and the positive impression was ruined. Our Kibin review is based on real experience, so read on to see what it’s like to use this service.


Kibin mostly focuses on proofreading and editing services. You can upload any kind of paper, and the editing team will improve it.

At the website, there’s a database that features over 500K samples. It serves for students who need inspiration for their own papers. It requires a monthly or yearly subscription for access.

Allow us to explain why this is such a big issue. claims that these examples were written by real students for real classes. They removed authorship information. We couldn’t help but wonder: is the service adding the essays you submit for editing in its database? There’s no guarantee that protects your content. If you submit a paper for editing, you can expect the company to add it in its featured samples. Other students will gain access to it, and they will submit your work as their own.

We were surprised to see that other Kibin reviews didn’t mention this fact. We’d like to highlight it as the most important aspect of our Kibin review.


To get access to the database of essay examples, you have to pay $14.95 per month (or $59.95 for the yearly subscription).

If you only need editing services, you’ll pay from $9.99 to $17.50 per page, depending on your deadline. Funny thing: there’s no quote for proofreading. We found that weird, since the company claims to offer editing and proofreading assistance. Through our direct experience, we realized there’s no editing at all. They only proofread, even though you’re mislead to pay for editing help.

There aren’t any discounts at the website. The quotes seem affordable at first. But when you realize that you’re giving away your paper for free and you’re paying for a service that they don’t provide, it’s an absolute waste of money. In fact, they should pay you.



We submitted a flawed paper on purpose. We made just a few spelling mistakes. The bigger problem was in the gaps in logic. The arguments were disconnected. We also skipped the reference formatting, with the intention to see what the editor would do with that part. The team paid zero attention to most aspects of editing.

Only the spelling mistakes were corrected. You can do that with software that would underline the misspellings. The editors didn’t do anything about the gaps in logic. They didn’t format the references.

When we asked for a well-deserved refund, we were ignored. What a disappointing experience this was!


There is no live chat at this website. When you click on an icon that looks like a live chat, the window shows answers to frequently asked questions. None of the questions mention the main matter of interest: will Kibin use your paper in its database? They won’t answer that.

You can contact the team, but you’ll have to do it by providing your email. You’ll get a generalized answer in your inbox. Then, they will keep sending spam.

We tried contacting the support to request a refund. They ignored us. It’s disappointing to pay for a premium service and get this kind of treatment.


When you read the terms and conditions, you’ll find a part named Content Sharing Policy. It says that this company has the right to use the content you upload for educational, promotional, and other business needs. They will share your content after 90 days of uploading.

They clearly say that your content will be used, and no one will pay you for it. You are the one who pays. Most students aren’t aware of this issue, and most Kibin reviews don’t mention it. We want you to be aware of that fact.

You’re not getting real editing, and you’re giving away your authorship rights when using this agency. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to write a positive Kibin review knowing that this company uses students in an unfair way.

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I used Kibin’s subscription service to download papers. I don’t recommend it. These are written by students, who lack academic writing skills. It’s ridiculous to pay for this level of quality.

5 years ago

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