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Verdict for Review

When we started researching for this review, we thought that it would end in a positive way. The website looked very promising – filled with information about their many great services, statements like: thousands of positive testimonials, etc. However, after we read some reviews, made our order and actually used the website, we came across some issues – and big ones. Turns out, this is not a great service and their quality is far from what we were promised.

Our First Impression of

Peachy Essay looks amazing at first sight. They point out to thousands of positive comments on third-party websites, as well as fast and amazing service as part of their guarantees. However, if you take the time to read come reviews online, you’ll see that their testimonials aren’t all positive. In fact, we found that a very small number of testimonials online are on a good note, not to mention that many of them are copied on different sites, which makes us think that the reviews might not be real.

Even so, the website looks and works easily. It’s easy to navigate, has tons of information (albeit not all relevant or helpful), and looks professional.

Don’t jump into conclusions just by seeing the website, though. If you want to learn what you can expect from this service, keep reading our PeachyEssay review below.

PeachyEssay Promo Code and Discount

The website only looks informational but some of the most important details about the company are vague or non-existent. One such thing is their discount policy. The only thing mentioned on the site is that ‘loyal customers are eligible for a discount’. There’s no explanation as to what criteria you need to meet to be eligible for it, or what kind of discount you can expect. There is no promo code or anything like it for new customers.

Basically, you’re paying the price you are seeing on the calculator on the homepage, which is not affordable at all. We reached out to the support to ask regarding the discount program for this PeachyEssay review, but they told us that it ‘is too early’ and we need to become their customers before we are considered for the program.

Since we didn’t read about any discounts in PeachyEssay reviews online, we can only assume that these are non-existent. This is a big disappointment not only because almost every other company offers discounts, but also because of the rates- they are not at all cheap.

Take for example, an undergraduate essay of any type. It costs $29 per page to be delivered within a week, which is higher than what you’d pay at many top-rated services. Without any discount, this price is very high.

We made an order for a research paper for Master’s level, one that came with a price of $42 per page for a week’s deadline! The paper was really expensive, so naturally we expected it to be without a flaw. Keep reading this Peachy Essay review to learn how it went.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

The answer is – no. Peachy Essay was a big disappointment with its prices and the quality offered. We received an original paper, but it was delayed for an entire day, which is unacceptable with this type of services. No student wants to get their paper a day after the deadline – it’s not worth anything if you miss it at school!

If the quality was good, they’d get some points from us, but the paper was no good. There was no plagiarism in it, but the quality was terrible. A lot of it made no sense and was entirely out of topic. The person who worked on the assignment was definitely not a native speaker. In fact, based on the mistakes and tons of content that made no sense whatsoever, we don’t believe that the person was fluent in English, either.

Our research paper was supposed to be 11 pages long, but it was shorter than this. It had no citations, was not formatted according to the requirements we set for the writer, and nothing that we read in it was really accurate or came from trustworthy sources. In fact, a lot of the information there seemed to be created by the writer himself since we couldn’t confirm or deny it no matter where we looked online.

Support System

Disappointed by the low quality we received, we instantly wanted to talk to the support and ask them to at least revise our paper. When we did this, the agents responded fast asking us many questions such as: what mistakes did you find? Was the paper plagiarized? What were the issues? They literally asked us to point out to EVERY mistake in the content, so what was the point of asking them to revise it? It took us forever to note things down and tell them where the mistakes were, and pointed out to entire pieces of the text that made no sense.

In addition to this, we requested the sources used, as well as demanded the formatting that was required in the order. We received free revisions a week later, which was not only too late, but it also came in the same terrible condition as before. The writer or editor only fixed the things we told them to, didn’t change any of the messy content, and didn’t do the formatting or provide any sources.

When we reached out again to request a refund, they told us that they were kind enough to revise it for free and that is all we’ll get.

Conclusion of

We don’t see ourselves ever ordering from this company again. The quality was a disaster and even though we got a free revision, it didn’t do us any good. This is an expensive service and despite the fast support or nice website, we don’t recommend it.

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didn’t like

I didn’t like what the writers at Peachy Essay sent to me. The essay was not in the same topic I requested, it had some plagiarism, and it came 2 hours after my deadline. I don’t like this service.

2 years ago
Natasha Vaugh

a mistake!!

No, don’t use this service. I did and it was a mistake. The writers aren’t native speakers and the quality of writing is terrible. It’s not cheap, either.

2 years ago

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