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Based on the paper completed by, we cannot recommend it to anyone. The writer has failed to complete a term paper on literature, meaning that you shouldn’t rely on them for that kind of work.

Why is that?

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION of makes some pretty bold statements from the start. For example, they claim to be “the only online assignment writing service you’ll ever need” because they are supposedly good at research, analysis, and meeting the requirements given by professors.

On top of that, they speak very proudly of their customer service that helps students 24/7 as well as professional writers who can tackle just about any assignment. If that’s not enough, also has more to boast about, including the paper delivery process where the customers can choose writers to complete their assignments.

Well, all of this sounds good, but can really deliver on their promises? As we found out, this essay writing service is not as perfect as it claims to be.

SERVICES offers an extensive range of academic assignments in the following areas: management, finance, chemistry, IT, history, nursing, sociology, accounting, law, business, and many more others. Having reviewed the service provided by the company, it looks like they operate a vast pool of writers with different backgrounds.

Another interesting thing that we noticed was that the company has regional websites for Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand. This is something we’ve never come across. When we looked through these sites, we saw that the only difference between them is the website text which was optimized with keywords for a target country.


The pricing policy at is far from clear. When you click at Prices section on their website, you’ll see only one price “from $15.79.” We thought that by clicking on Place Order we’d go to the order form where we can include the details of our assignment, but instead, the site informed us that we must register before we proceed.

This is anything but customer-friendly because there’s no way we can see the full list of prices. The only way we can get access to it is to register on their website, which means giving away an email, name, and a phone number. Not only that, when we actually registered and finally saw the ordering form, the prices weren’t there! To see them, we had to provide project details and instructions.

This means that you can waste a lot of your time if you don’t like Assignmentgeek’s prices, as getting to them requires you to do really a lot. Pricing should be clearly explained at a dedicated page, and not hidden like at their website.


We ordered a 4-page term paper from Assignmentgeek and instructed the writer to analyze the songs featured in Kalevala, the Finnish epic poem. This task should be fairly easy for someone familiar with literature analysis; moreover, there are lots of freely available online research papers and studies on Kalevala. College Senior was the writing level we selected in the project details, so we expected a high-quality paper with insightful research.

However, what we received was far from that. First and foremost, the writer spent two pages explaining what Kalevala is all about and why it’s so important for the Finnish people. We can’t approve of this decision because it means that half of the paper contains information which is irrelevant to the thesis statement. In our experience, this happens when the writer has either insufficient research skills or literature analysis skills to connect the thesis with the rest of the paper.

After reading the paper completely, we came to the conclusion that only 1.5 pages in the paper were relevant to the topic. This is clearly insufficient, and if we were in charge of grading this assignment, we’d ask for a major revision. The analysis was very weak and should have been done differently. To sum up, the quality of the paper wasn’t as we expected from a company that claims to be “the only online assignment writing service you’ll ever need.”


Contacting customer support at Assignment Geek is easy and possible through email, live chat, and phone. In our experience, all of the communication channels worked well, but they didn’t answer our call about an update on the order and never called back. It seemed that they’re not used to customers calling them to ask for updates.


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didn’t let me choose a writer

They didn’t let me choose a writer. Instead, I ended up with “best available” one who got me a C on my psychology paper. Stay away, people.

5 years ago

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