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#1. Rated 9.9/10

 ✔ generous discounts
✔ great price/quality ratio
✔ the abundance of free perks

 ✔ fast turnaround, good overall experience
✔ the reasonable pricing system
✔ many positive reviews
BESTESSAYTIPS.COM #3. Rated 9.6/10

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 Verdict for The-Essays Review

The most attractive thing about is the ability to talk to your writer directly. Not all writing services enable such a feature. The problem is: neither does this one. This is a heavily promoted feature at their website, but as an actual client, I wasn’t able to contact my writer at all. I sent several messages and didn’t get a relevant response.

In addition, the pricing system at the website is confusing. It’s not really clear how high the final price will be, since there’s no quote chart featured at the website.

Whay is that?

Our First Impression of

When starting this The-Essays review, we were very impressed to see a service that offered direct contact with the writer. That feature is not usually available for few reasons. The customers are usually in different time zones, so instant communication is practically impossible. Plus, the writers get distracted with constant messages, so it’s more effective for services to have a customer support department mediating between the writers and customers.

Seeing this feature at the website was certainly a pleasant surprise, and it contributed towards a very positive initial impression. But when we tried to check out the quotes, we weren’t so impressed. We prefer seeing a clear chart with quotes per page, and there’s no such thing at this website. There’s a price calculator that can help, but the quotes you see in the order form are different.


There are few main types of services available at essay, research paper, coursework, term paper, case study, article, book review/report, article critique, annotated bibliography, and more.

The service brochure is pretty interesting. It’s not usually available from writing services. It’s not aimed at students, though. It targets marketing teams, business owners, and different organizations that need such promotional materials.

The list of services also includes admission papers, dissertations, and editing help. For an average student in need for academic writing assistance, the offer at The-Essays is pretty decent.

The Essays Prices and Discounts

You’ll find a nice price calculator at the homepage. It will give you a quote for the type of content you need, the deadline, and the quality level you choose. But be careful; this calculator can be misleading. It actually gives you the quote with a discount of 20%. The problem is that there’s no such discount at the website, so you’re never getting that price.

If you intend to order from, do not use the price calculator. It’s better to go directly to the order form to see what your quote is going to be. The lowest price per page is $17.95 (as opposed to the $14.36 that the price calculator makes you believe). The highest quote per page for an essay is $46.95, and it comes for PhD quality with a 6-hour deadline.

Discounts are available, but they are not impressive. You only get 11% off as a first-time user. The loyal users get volume-based discounts of 5%, 10%, or 15%.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Direct communication with the writer was one of the main factors of attraction. It actually made us very excited about making review. But there’s a trick. The company claims you can talk directly with your writer or with the support whenever you need to. That or is important, since it covers the company and you can’t complain about not being able to contact the writer.

We did not get answers from our writers, and the customer support wasn’t responsive that much either.

The first draft came one day later. We set the deadline of 10 days, so there was enough time for the writer to write a simple essay. And we’re saying “first draft,” because that’s exactly what this was. It was a freestyle, unedited paper that needed tons of work. We got one revisions, which took three days for the writer to complete. The final result was still less than satisfactory.

The-Essays Support System

We have to criticize the company’s support system. When you claim something and you cannot live up to the promises, it’s a problem. For a student who expects an essay by a particular deadline, it’s a huge problem. They want to be in touch with the support 24/7, and that’s not something they get at this website.

We’ll share our direct experience in this The Essays review. The writer was not available for direct communication, so we tried getting answers from the customer support team when we realized that the paper was late. It took several hours for the team to provide us with a response. They only said that the writer needed more time and we’d get the paper in few hours. The content was an entire day late. We didn’t get an offer for a full refund. We requested revisions and the support team took too long to respond… again.

Conclusion of The-Essays Review

Summing up this review, we can say that the company falls short when it comes to living up to the promises it gives. There are great guarantees at the website. We didn’t see any of them come to live when we ordered an actual paper.

The writer missed a deadline. That rarely happens in the writing industry. When you hire a serious writing service, that should never happen.

The final essay was not too bad, but we got it four days later than the deadline and it was still not perfect. The team is very slow to respond to the customer’s requests, and that’s probably the biggest issue we had with The-Essays.

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absolutely nailed my essay

I needed to submit an essay within 6 hours, and I was simultaneously studying for one of my Final Exams. I knew I had to either pick the paper or the exam to focus on, but they gave me an outlet. Although hesitant, I decided to trust them with my assignment, seeing that I didn’t have much of a choice. All in all, the writer from EssayPro absolutely nailed it, even with the time constraints he faced. Fantastic service!

5 years ago

So disappointed

My paper contained TONS of typos and grammar issues. It was as if the writer was not a native English speaker. A lot of the sentences did not make sense. Most of the references were over 10 years old. The writer also wrote “In my personal opinion” which is a huge no no in an APA style research paper. The paper I received is definitely not at a graduate school level. The one thing I can say is that they have good customer service. I’m trying to get my money back but it’s been a struggle so far. I paid $170 for a terrible paper. I seriously want to cry.

5 years ago

Bad Writers

The writers starts sentences with “And”. Need I say more?
Anyway the writers appear to be from Nigeria. So their linguistic skills is lacking.

If you hire this company
A. You’ll immediately notice a lack of cohesion in sentences.
B. Grammar is terrible
C. You just lost $400.

4 years ago

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