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Verdict for Bid4Papers Review

Bid4papers is a website that connects students with professional writers. But it looks like the acceptance criteria for this platform are too easy. We were not able to get a qualified help from this company and wasted our time ordering and communicating with a so-called professional writer.

bid4papers review


Our First Impression of

Searching for a way to ease college life is among the things every student does. Some are trying to find answers to exam questions, and others are re-writing essays found on the internet. And smart ones are choosing professional writing services like

When we started our review, their website looked nice. It is not a general writing company. It’s a platform that connects students with academic writers. Yet, there are some pitfalls of this model, and you cannot be sure that you will get help from an expert writer since you choose from offers, and no one guarantees the writer’s qualification.

Bid4Papers Review of Services

If you are planning to get a paper from an online writing service, the first thing you should make sure of is that these services will be able to help you with other tasks. That’s why a variety of services offered is highly important. So, our review won’t be complete without covering this point.

As you probably understood, Bid4paper is not a general academic writing company. It is a platform where you can order any type of writing. But there won’t be a guarantee that the person for your project knows how to write a case study right or help you with an admission essay.

When choosing a writer, you must check their expertise and read reviews about them. If you see that your paper type was mentioned in a positive review, the most likely writer knows how to handle it. As a result, the order process here takes much longer than on classical academic writing websites. If you decide to order from the site, you should be ready.

Bid4Papers Promo Code and Discount

Price plays a lot when you order academic writing. And discounts are small bonuses helping us to save for a cup of coffee or ice cream. Unfortunately, our team could not locate if there are discounts offered on Bid4Paper.

Also, we searched for Bid4paper reviews from customers, and here is what we got. You can get a discounted price from the writer directly. For example, if you are ordering from a writer again. The bids for your paper are final, so if you accept the offer, be ready to pay an amount indicated by a writer.

Based on our experience, and reviews, you should never choose the cheapest offers since they come from writers who don’t have much experience. The best strategy is to select moderate offers from writers with good ratings and some reviews. Expensive writers are not an option, and the reason is simple – they are costly, and it doesn’t worth that much.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Quality of writing plays a lot. That’s why for our Bid4Papers review, we decided to check the quality and placed a test order. We chose to analyze scientific articles about DNA and DNA tests and their influence on individuals. The article was not complicated, so we thought that get fair prices for this task.

The price started from $20 per page, considering that we chose a deadline of more than ten days. It is a high price for a college paper, even if it covers a scientific work. Nevertheless, we chose a writer with relevant, at first glance experiences and accepted his bid. After ten minutes of communication and requirements review, the person started to work on our paper. He assured us that he had done such studies before, and we shouldn’t worry about the task since he would do everything to ensure that we got everything we needed.

In ten days, we got our writing. Our experience was really disappointing. The writer completely ignored our instructions and delivered a poor-quality paper. Moreover, there were some parts that our plagiarism software highlighted as plagiarized. We asked for the revision, but even several amendments had not improved the paper. After a long communication with a writer, we were forced to ask for customer care assistance.

Support System

Customer care here usually helps with pre-sales questions and some technical related to the platform things. You can contact them. They are available via tickets, i.e., emails, only. The response time is several hours.

The person we talked to was friendly and eager to help us. The only solution they suggested is to change the writer and go forward with the order again. So, it seemed that we needed to start over. But in real life, it’s impossible to place orders each time a writer fails. Our Bid4Papers review taught us to stay away from such platforms.

Imagine you know that you won’t have time to write a paper and decide to get help from a professional writer. You found the website and decided to use this service. You have a tight budget for this situation two weeks before the submission. You see a writer, and everything seems to be well, but in, for example, in ten days you get your paper, it is terrible. Revisions don’t help, and you need to start over. But you cannot afford urgent orders since your budget is tight.

Conclusion of

When it comes to ordering professional writing help, many options are available. Yet, as it comes from our Bid4Papers review, ordering from the freelance platform might not be an option. We had a negative experience with this website and cannot recommend it to students searching for help with papers. If our order was real life one, we might have failed our task because of the poor quality of writing. Luckily, we had not lost our money since the platform follows the post-payment model. That means you pay only if you approve the paper you have got from them.

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