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GrabMyEssay provides a diverse range of services and seems like an okay service. However, the writer did not follow our instructions and delivered a low-quality paper with messed-up APA references. Plus, the service missed our deadline.

Why is that?

Our First Impression of

The first impression… it was not extremely positive. Let’s face it: GrabMyEssay is a pretty outdated website. It’s hard to navigate through it, and there’s tons of useless content that no one reads. However, there are not many reviews out there and we got several requests to evaluate this service, so we decided to give it a chance. We’ll share our experience in this review.


The list of services is pretty versatile. The company offers services of academic paper writing, resume/CV services, dissertation services, math/physics/economics/statistics problems, admission services, editing, and rewriting. We don’t recommend the rewriting service; it’s way overpriced and it doesn’t give you an original paper.
The academic paper writing category encompasses different types of papers, such as essay, term paper, research paper, coursework, book report, research summary, dissertation, lab report, article, and more.

Prices and Discounts

The prices for essays seem affordable. The longest deadline is 14 days, and it starts with a quote of $14.99 per page for High-School quality level. The most urgent deadline you can pick is six hours. If you combine it with the highest quality level (Doctoral), you’ll get the highest quote per page – $60.99. That one doesn’t seem so affordable, does it?
There’s a discount of 15% for new customers. Loyal users get 5%, 10%, or 15% off after ordering 15, 50, or 100 pages respectively.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

The paper was no good.
We asked the writer to produce a high-quality paper with APA references. We chose Doctoral level to make sure we’d get a top-notch paper. That didn’t happen. The writer failed to read our detailed instructions. None of our requirements were taken into consideration.
To make things worse, we got our paper two days late. The formatting was completely off. There were references, but they were random and inconsistent. This paper required tons of revisions, but it was already too late for them.

Support System

We contacted the support several times when we realized the writer was missing the deadline. They kept assuring us that the paper was on its way, but it took two days after that deadline for us to finally get it. We tried getting revisions once we saw the paper wasn’t good enough, but we didn’t manage to negotiate that with the customer support.
They gave us a small refund to make up for the missed deadline, so we ended up paying the price for the 6-day deadline instead of the 4-day deadline that we initially wanted. Considering the fact that this paper missed the submission deadline, the insignificant refund made no difference.


Except for the versatile list of of services, there was nothing we liked about The website is hard to use, the writer didn’t follow instructions, the paper was bad, and it was delivered later than expected. It’s a really expensive price to pay for all these pitfalls.

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They just get attention by promising good quality for cheap prices… They don’t deliver. I suggest you pay a bit more and get a better quality.

6 years ago

I spent over $120 on my order and got a poorly-written paper and a headache. They didn’t care much about proofreading the paper because some of the mistakes I found there were just obvious. I think this is not a legitimate writing service and they need to learn how to proofread and listen to their clients.

6 years ago

So I sit here, 4 days after my 4 page paper was due, being assigned a 9th writer. They have asked for 11 extensions. The last 3 writer have all been from their top 10 writers list.
The first gave me a paper that was vague and had nothing that was requested. In fact it went off on unrelated tangents that outright contradicted the information provided for the paper.
The second one (who was apparently their top writer) kept asking for more extensions, then with 2 hours left gave me a draft that had 2 paragraphs, neither of which talked about the point of the paper.
The third one just straight up plagiarized the final paper for that class from another year, which happened to also be a different paper topic.

So here I am, having, on recorded transcripts, been repeatedly lied to by multiple supervisors. I have called in repeatedly over the course of several days but the people I talked to previously always seem to disappear and never reappear.

They have given me another “top 3” writer and at this point I am just curious to see if I can make it through their entire department.

TL;DR : Stay away. They are dishonest and disingenuous plagarizers who will lead you on a merry-go-round of disappointment.
I would say poor quality but they would actually have had to provide me with a product to rank it.

5 years ago

Review review.

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