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Verdict for Paperell Review

Paperell is a writing service that works on the bidding principle. You’re in the position of a client, interviewing different writers after you place the order. In our experience, this turned out to be an ineffective system that resulted with a disappointing paper.

Why is that? Read more..

Our First Impression of

When we started this Paperell review, this brand is not famous in the world of essay writing services. That’s mostly because of the fact that this is a relatively new writing service. There are not a lot of Paperell reviews online, so the lack of social proof may be a problem.

But that’s never a problem for us. The website looks nice and it’s transparent regarding the policies, so we decided to check it out. It was very easy to place an order. As always, the first impression is not determining, so we ended up a bit disappointed from this service. Continue reading this Paperell review; it contains all information you need.

Paperell Services Review

Since this is a bidding service, it can afford to be more flexible regarding the list of services. In other words, you can order anything you need and see if a writer applies, you’re good to go.

Of course; there’s a list of services featured at the website. It features plenty of papers, including essay, admission essay, annotated bibliography, dissertation, thesis, book report, case study, article review, capstone project, business plan, creative writing, math problem, and many other types of content. The customers can also order articles of any type. With that, Paperell does not limit its services to students. Website owners and article writers can also get help at this website.

Paperell Review: Prices

The sole nature of this website doesn’t allow it to set a precise price chart. What does that mean? The writers are allowed to bid with their own price on the projects they apply to. Each writer has different qualifications, so they require their own quotes when applying. The writers also come from different countries and not all of them are native English speakers. The lower living standards in foreign countries allow these writers to drop the price.

That might be a problem. Most students will choose the lowest bidder, who may not deliver the quality they expect. Some will assume the highest bidder is the best writer, but that’s not really the case. You have to be very diligent when interviewing these writers – ask specific questions and read Paprell writers reviews, so you can choose the one with relevant experience.

Paperell Promo Code and Discounts

Unfortunately, there are no discounts at this website. If you want a lower price, you simply choose a writer whose offer fits within your budget.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

We spent three days interviewing writers for this Paperell review after we placed an order. That’s a real waste of time. We set the deadline of 10 days when we placed the order, but the writer actually got less than 7 days to write the essay.

That wouldn’t be a huge problem if the quality was great. Unfortunately, it was not. The problem with this website is that it doesn’t feature the exact qualifications of its writers. You can see the types of projects a writer has completed, and they are pretty versatile. Someone who writes papers for History, English, and Social Science, cannot be an expert in any of these fields. It means they’ve got general education and they are just as qualified as an average student to write on the topics they bid on.

Long story short – we didn’t get a high-quality paper from our writer. It took too long for us to choose a writer. All of them offered prices above $15. Our writer set a price of $20 per page, which is actually more expensive when you compare it to the offer of some of the best writing services out there. The final result looked like something a high-school student would write. It was basic, Wikipedia-style information that wasn’t even formatted to look like an essay.

Support System

The customer support system at is not effective. We were able to communicate with our writer directly, and that was a great thing. The only problem was that our writer was in a different time zone, so the communication was really slow. We sent a request for an outline, and we got it the next day. We sent some requirements for changes, but the writer was already working with the initial outline before he got our message.

So it was a problem.

And when there’s such a problem, there’s no back-up customer support system to take care of it. There’s a phone number and email that you could use. But we tried that and they just said we should sort things out with the writer.

Conclusion of Paperell Review: Is Paperell Legit?

Summing up, Paperell is a big risk. If you choose the right writer, things may work out well. The problem is that if you don’t choose the right writer, you’re wasting time and money at the website. 

So is this the right service for you? It depends. Do you have several days to spend trying to hire a writer, with no guarantee that the writer would deliver great work? In our case, we ended up being disappointed with the result.

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Don’t waste your time

I am so dissatisfied. I wish I would have saw reviews before ordering from this company. I realized, too late: that the writers are not experienced and suffer from writers block. My writer literally submitted a paper that was laughable. The grammatical errors, not following directions. My writer clearly did not do any research and presented a paper that had nothing to do with my explicit directions. Customer service is even worst! I explain your issue and they respond with the following 1. We will do our best 2. It’ll be extra money 3. Blah blah blah. There’s no standard of quality. I’m well aware of my rights, despite their bogus terms of services.

5 years ago

Not worth $155

My paper was sent back to me for a lot of grammar errors, misspelled words, and sentence fragments. The writer did not follow my instructions that well, I had to tell them like 3 times what to do. They didn’t use the articles I uploaded for them. I had to do a lot of rework on it so I was upset that I paid all that money and didn’t get a quality paper out of it! Just too many mistakes did the price.

5 years ago

Review Review.

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