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✔ the reasonable pricing system
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BESTESSAYTIPS.COM #3. Rated 9.6/10

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Verdict for Review

After a thorough check of the website, which did not take long because it lacks tons of information, as well as ordering from the company, we agree with what most people say in their AllAssignmentHelp reviews. This is not a trustworthy service. They are vague and misleading with their promises, the content is not up to our high standards, and we found their support to be very unprofessional.

Our First Impression of

Saying that almost 100% of the orders arrive on time is not really good for an academic writing service. It makes you wonder: what if they delay my paper exactly? Trusted writing services have fierce guarantees about timely delivery and they don’t allow delays or offer full refunds in such case. When we saw this statement on the website, we got a bad feeling about this review.

The website is not easy to navigate at all, which made it really hard for us to write our AllAssignmentHelp review. In fact, we couldn’t find some of the most important information that people would want to know. Since you’re reading an review, you’ll naturally want to learn about the prices. We know them now, but only because we ordered from the company and spoke to the support. There’s literally no pricelist on the website, so it takes a lot of time to even get a quote.

We must say, our disappointments started early when we researched for this AllAssignmentHelp review.

Still, you shouldn’t take us only for our word. If you want to learn why we have this impression, read our AllAssignmentHelp review.

AllAssignmentHelp Promo Code and Discount

Since there are no prices on the website, there aren’t any discounts mentioned, either. You can’t really know if you got a discount before you know the base price, can you?

After sending a request for a quote (yes, requires this to tell you the price), we waited one full day to get a response. We got an automatic message telling us that the support will send us a quote quickly after checking our order details. This took too long, especially since they offer fast services of only hours on the website.

When the quote came, it wasn’t really good. They said that a 10% discount was added to it because we are new customers, but how do we know what their price was to begin with? The rates here aren’t affordable. In fact, we consider them to be quite high. We ordered a research paper for our AllAssignmentHelp review, and we paid over $40 per page even though our deadline was a week long.

The only promotion that we found on the website is the referral promotion. If you invite people by using a referral link on the site, if they sign up and buy from the website, you get 10% commission on their payment. The new customer gets 10% flat discount by using your referral link.

This looked much more attractive before we checked the details since the website says: get $1500. Apparently, this is the maximum you can get from referrals in a month, and let’s face it – it takes a lot to get there.

Still, it’s a nice idea, but it’s still not good that the company doesn’t have any prices or discounts listed on the website.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Our experience here did not go well in many ways. We were a bit agitated because of the waiting for the quote. When they sent it, we weren’t very happy with the price, but decided to proceed to check the quality for our review. You’d expect something brilliant for that quote, of course, but what we got was average at best.

This wasn’t the worst content we got, but it was far from good enough for the price we paid. The paper came on time, which was good, but it had some copied content in it, which is always a bad news. On top of that, the writer used very few sources, much less than we required, did not meet the formatting requirements, and had many mistakes in the writing.

You’d need to do a very thorough editing to fix the content that All Assignment Help delivered to us as customers, and based on those prices, it’s not really worth it. So, we decided to talk to their support and request that they edit it – fast and for free, as promised on the website.

Support System

This part didn’t go well at all. At first, we were under the impression that the company regrets sending a poorly edited, formatted, and slightly copied content. The agents responded fast, apologized, and promised to fix the mistake as soon as possible. They even mentioned their refund guarantee even though we didn’t ask for it explicitly.

However, weeks after we sent several requests for a revision or a refund, no one responded. They never really revised the content. No one ever fixed the mistake or refunded us. Every time we reached out to the company, the agents were replying with the same message, telling us that they apologize and will soon fix everything.

Conclusion of was a disappointment in many ways. They seem professional and nice at first, but don’t resolve any issues that may occur with your content. We had many issues even though we paid a very high price and were promised free revisions. Based on the poor quality, the poor customer service, and those steep rates that we mentioned, we cannot recommend to anyone looking for quality academic content.

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no no no

This was the last time I’m using this company! I received content that cost a fortune before and had many mistakes in it. They sent a promo email so I decided to give it another chance in case the writer was bad, but they delivered bad content again!

2 years ago

not on time

I can’t say that I liked what this company sent to me. But, the quality wasn’t the worst thing. The writer sent the paper a day later and I never even got an apology from them.

2 years ago

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