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great price/quality ratio
the abundance of free perks
BESTESSAYTIPS.COM the cheapest page rate
only original and edited papers
nice discount system
PROESSAYWRITING.COM fast turnaround, good overall experience
the reasonable pricing system
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Verdict is an AI tool that serves to help customers with writing their essays. It isn’t a service where actual people help students, but a website where you can start typing your text and get some automated feedback. Unfortunately, the results of this review aren’t on the positive side for Essaybot. The features are very limited and so is the website.

Why is that?

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION of isn’t a custom writing service. In fact, we can’t even define it as a writing service. This is a website that contains an AI tool you can use to write the paper on your own. According to their information, their customers need to pay a specific quote to be able to use this tool. However, the website is extremely limited and very vague, something that took us time to research and find answers for.

Finally, we’ve found our answers for this Essaybot review. We had do sign up to see their quotes, but it served us perfectly because we were then able to test their paid service. Eventually, the results from our own little research confirmed everything that is told in the limited Essaybot reviews online.


We wouldn’t call the services at writing services. They are more of an aiding service, one you can use while you are writing the papers. The site helps you search for a topic and choose one. If you have a ready essay, they help you edit or modify it until you are happy with it. To be more, they help you run a plagiarism checker in addition to that grammar checker. And finally, you get help with writing suggestions and automated citation assistance.

All these are unique services that can’t really be found in a writing service. But, this also means that this particular site will help you reduce the time you spend on a paper, not take over that paper and give you time off.

Prices and Discounts

The pricing is much hidden from the website. You can’t possibly access this information unless you sign up. In fact, you can’t even see their full list of features that fall under the Essaybot Premium membership unless you do this.

At first, we thought that this is a free tool. But, according to the sign up details, not even their trial version is free. This version can only be used for a week, and since you still have to add payment details, we are quite sure that the company will start charging you at least the monthly fee once that week ends.

The good part is, you can always cancel the membership, so you shouldn’t be charged any extra fees.  Based on the information, paying $2.49 for one week seems rather silly since the company charges much more if you use the monthly option. If you pay for the week’s trial, you’d have to pay a quote of $9.95 for a month. A yearly subscription cuts this pay into half.

Still, we decided to pay that low fee for a week’s trial. Based on how bad this tool’s reputation is, it is perhaps wiser to invest less before you are convinced that you should invest more.

The EssayBot Premium membership gives you access to their topic suggestion and research tool, paraphrasing feature, matching citations search, spelling and grammar check, as well as a download option. The rate for a month of access is $9.95, while a yearly rate costs $59.40.


There isn’t a custom paper per se, so we can’t really evaluate a paper’s quality. The paper you get here will depend mostly on  you and the tool will only provide you with some help in writing it.

But, what we can do is tell you how well the tool functions. The answer is – it functions rather poorly when you compare it to other popular tools such as this one. Yes, the site might offer a slightly lower rate than popular tools, but judged by how poorly their tools work, it might be better for you to invest more in a different service.

We say this because the grammar checker here missed too many things. Also, the suggestions are too generalized and often, they make no sense.


The only way to get in touch with the site’s creators is through their e-mail address. There’s a phone number listed there, too, but no one answered in the several occasions when we tried to reach them. On the email, we got a response after two whole days.

You can’t really get a refund or anything because there aren’t guarantees. Fortunately, you can quit that subscription at any time and avoid spending more money. But, seeing how tricky they made those rates, most customers probably decide to pay a yearly fee because of the pricing discrepancy.

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