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#1. Rated 9.9/10

 ✔ generous discounts
✔ great price/quality ratio
✔ the abundance of free perks

 ✔ fast turnaround, good overall experience
✔ the reasonable pricing system
✔ many positive reviews
BESTESSAYTIPS.COM #3. Rated 9.6/10

 ✔ the cheapest page rate
✔ only original and edited papers
✔ nice discount system


DoMyWriting has a busy website that confuses you with content that doesn’t matter. When you try to find really important information, you’ll be left scrolling and browsing. The prices are okay. However, students can get better quality at other websites within the same price range. This company doesn’t live up to the expectations.


The statistics presented at this website seem pretty favorable. claims to have delivered clients’ papers on time 98.5% of the time. They scored a satisfaction rate of 97%, and achieved an average quality score 9 out of 10 times. We have to keep in mind that there’s no way to check if these stats are real.

There’s something strange in their claims. If 9 out of 10 customers receive average quality, that means that 1 out of 10 customers is left with a below-average paper. That’s 10%, and it’s not something to underestimate.

If the stats are true, we were in those 10% of unsatisfied customers. The company did nothing to repair the damage. Hold on; we’ll get to that point in our review.


Do My Writing has a versatile range of services. If you’re a student at any level from high school to PhD, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this website. When you go to the Prices section, you’ll see a dropdown menu of services, so you can calculate the price for the product you need. The usual types of papers are available: essay, term and research papers, book reviews, and even thesis/dissertation chapters. We liked the fact that problem solving assignments were included in the offer.

There’s something we don’t like: paraphrasing. It’s usually a bad sign, and it means that the team is not professional enough to deliver unique content every time.


The deadlines vary between 14 days and 3 hours. However, the shortest deadlines aren’t available for orders of higher quality. If you need a top-notch paper in a matter of hours, you can’t order it here. We got several reviews from real users saying that these writers often missed deadlines. If your order is urgent, it’s not the best place for you.

If you match the longest deadline with high-school quality, you get the lowest price for your essay: $10 per page. If you want PhD quality for your paper and you have only one day before you have to submit it, the price will be $58 per page. often gives seasonal discounts. If you decide to use this website, pay attention to the pop-up window when you land at the homepage. As for a regular discount program for new and loyal customers, there’s no such thing here.


We wanted to give you a detailed review based on real experience. That’s why we placed an order at the website. We decided to order an essay with a deadline of 7 days. We chose University level, so the price was $17 per page. That’s a very affordable offer, so it made us wonder about the quality.

The suspicions were justified.

We set a topic that’s very relevant at the moment: the reasons behind the conflict between Iran and the USA. We asked the writer to collect relevant, unbiased news resources and discuss them in the form of an essay. We got something that didn’t look like an essay. It was an unstructured piece of paraphrased content that made no sense. The writer didn’t include a thesis statement. The arguments were disconnected, since they paraphrased paragraphs from three different sources (yes; it was easy for us to locate them). Although the price was cheap, it was too expensive for this level of quality. This paper wouldn’t get you a good grade at university.


If you try to access the live chat, you’ll need to provide your email, choose if you’re a new or an existing customer, and include your message. Then you wait. It’s not really a 24/7 live chat; it just gives that false impression at first.

We read several reviews complaining about the treatment that customers get at this website. The agents are quick to respond if a non-customer asks about the prices and orders. But if they pay for a paper, the support department starts ignoring them. They will only tell you to wait for your order. Real customers complain about order delays and nonexistent support.


Let’s wrap up our review with an answer to a common question: is this a service worth hiring? The prices are affordable and the website looks nice. After our experience with the agency, we can’t advise students to use it. The cost of a paper in University, MA or PhD quality isn’t that low. You pay a similar price to the one you’d pay at a better website, but you risk getting a paper that you can’t use.

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I expected a lot from Do My Writing. It was my first time ordering an essay online. This was such a disappointment that I don’t know if I’ll ever use a writing service again. I got my paper two days late and no one took responsibility. They didn’t refund my money. It’s not even the worst thing. The essay was a total disaster. I couldn’t use it

1 year ago

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